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Make 50%-200% More on Every Claim

As a Contractor or Public Adjuster, you know how much work you put into your business. What if we told you're missing 50% to 200% of your revenue because you haven't learned the hidden secrets of Xactimate®? You're likely familiar with Xactimate®, used by the majority of insurance companies around the U.S. to calculate restoration claims. What insurance companies don't tell you is that proper documentation is the secret to getting paid much, much more. Call Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago today for more information!

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98% of insurance companies use Xactimate® software. But most contractors only have BASIC survival skills when it comes to Xactimate® software and can end up leaving 50% to 200% of their money on the table with the insurance companies. At Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago, our 3-day course with national experts will give you the skills and confidence you'll need to go toe to toe with the insurance companies. Call us today to receive more information about our next Xactimate® training course!

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Train With Our Certified Xactimate® Instructors

There are only 45 certified Xactimate®instructors in the U.S., and we have one of them. He's also the President of the National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters. He's worked for both public adjusters and insurance carriers, so he knows both sides of the business very well. In addition to our certified Xactimate® instructor, we'll also have an extended visit from a well-known Public Adjuster, who's handled some of the biggest claims in Illinois. So, not only will you learn how to write the proper scopes for each claim, but you'll also learn how to get those claims approved by the insurance companies! Do you think it's impossible to get $1500 per square for a residential roof, or $4,000 per square for a commercial roof? We'll explain how it's done! Call Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago today to learn more! As an added bonus, we offer a 4th day to cover the mobile version of Xactimate, to help speed up the claim writing process, increasing your productivity and giving you more time at home!

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Xactimate® Level I and Level II Experts Will Be Able To:

  • Maximize insurance claims and supplements, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, even tens of millions!
  • Stand in a much more powerful negotiating position with insurance companies, speaking their language and knowing their game!
  • Learn what's NOT included in various line items, so you can add them into the estimate where they belong.
  • Teach your employees to do things right the first time.
  • Learn macros to reduce computer time by 80%, giving you more time to sell or do what you want to do.
  • Partner with our Public Adjuster firm on individual claims, or all your claims, so that you receive ongoing support even after the course has completed.
  • Make more money than you ever thought possible!

Xactimate® Training

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Are you ready to take the next step to help Xactimate® bring you new revenue streams? Call Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago today for details!

Next Course Details: The HIDDEN SECRETS of Xactimate--we include the basics along with topics no other training program offers!

Sign-Up Deadline: May 17, 2024 (sign up early, as spaces are limited)

Course Dates: Monday May 20 thru Thursday May 23, 2024

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