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About Our Training Courses and Contractor School

Time flies! In 2010, we began as Contractors Lien Advisors, supporting contractors in Chicago and northern Illinois to recover on their unpaid contracts. In 2012, we began our exam preparation services, with Contractors Licensing and Training Center, supporting thousands of contractors to pass their Illinois Roofing and Public Adjuster exams, as well as the Chicago Masonry and Concrete exams. We continue to expand our business, now known as Contractors Network and Training Center. We also offer all courses in both live formats as well as online. Call us at (773) 635-0099 today.



Need help passing the exam to receive your Illinois Roofing License quickly and affordably? Call us ASAP to register for the next class. Our next class will be held July 15-18, 2024, at Contractors Network and Training in Chicago. Deadline is June 12. Call today to reserve a spot! To help students learn, spaces are limited.



Illinois contractors can take control of repairs, negotiate directly with the insurance company, be paid on time, and add more money to their bottom line by becoming a licensed Public Adjuster with the help of Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago. Our next class is August 19th through August 21st, 2024!



Looking for a simple way to pass the Chicago masonry and concrete exam? We provide you just that with our preparation courses at Contractors Network and Training Center. The deadline to register for the next exam is October 9th. The next class will be held September 30-October 1, 2024. Call today, as spaces are limited!

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