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Can a Contractor also be a Public Adjuster?

Yes, in Illinois a contractor can also act as a Public Adjuster. This allows the Public Adjuster to create a fair scope of work and then recommend his own company to do the repairs. In most instances, the owner will choose the Public Adjuster’s firm. If the client chooses a different contractor, the Public Adjuster will still make his commission on the claim differential.

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Do I really need a preparation course for the public adjuster exam?

“We teach to the test”

These are difficult tests, and many have failed multiple times prior to taking our public adjuster training courses. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars you can spend on reference books, along with the weeks or months you’ll spend studying. With our 3-day public adjuster course, you’ll receive a distilled study guide, roughly 50 pages in length, along with PowerPoint notes. You’ll also take daily quizzes and in-class practice exams that provide instant feedback as to what you should study. In other words, we “teach to the test.”

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Our Time-Tested Instructional Team

Nearly 50 Years of Experience

Henry Goudreau has been a general contractor for nearly 50 years, having built a multi-million dollar company from scratch. He has been teaching roofing contractors for the last 15 years and has been in great demand across the United States. Henry created our Roofing course from the ground up. He has designed it to entertain you, coach you, and give you the confidence to pass the roofing exam the first time. Not to mention, we offer wonderful tidbits about running your business, something many roofing contractors often need but don’t know it. And then there are your experienced classmates, who give you an opportunity to interact, network, and learn from.

Public Adjuster Course

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is hired by the property owner when there is a disagreement with the loss settlement offered by the property owner’s insurance company. A Public Adjuster reevaluates the loss and determines a fair settlement, sometimes tens (or hundreds!) of thousands of dollars in favor of the owner. The Public Adjuster receives a percentage commission for the difference. In Illinois, a Public Adjuster can set the commission to any percentage negotiated with the property owner.

Can I talk directly to the owner’s insurance adjuster if there is a dispute on the policy?

Yes, as a licensed Public Adjuster you are entitled to communicate directly with the owner’s insurance adjuster. You will also have access to the client’s detailed insurance policy. This gives you maximum leverage. And if there is disagreement, you can demand an appraiser to umpire the loss.

What if I need help with a complicated claim?

As a paid student with Contractors Network and Training Center, you will have access to our network of experienced Public Adjusters. We can connect you with the right one, who will be able to help you and increase your claim settlement.

Where are the final claim checks sent?

The Public Adjuster is added as a loss payee, with the checks sent directly to the Public Adjuster. This helps the Public Adjuster receive payment quickly.

What does your Public Adjuster exam preparation course cover?

  • General Insurance Concepts and Terminology
  • Illinois Insurance Laws Relating to Public Adjusters
  • Construction Terminology and Estimating
  • Specific Property Insurance Coverages

Will I pass the Public Adjuster exam?

Since 2012, our public adjuster school has helped more than 1,300 contractors prepare for Illinois and Chicago licensure exams, with a student passing rate as high as 95% per class.

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