1. Five Stars for Contractors Lien Advisors

    "Sometimes the hardest part of a construction project is getting paid..... Sincerely want to thank CLA Chicago for helping me resolve all 'money' problems."…Read More

    --Deco Rama
  2. Five Stars for our Chicago Roofing School

    "It was definitely the best thing I could have done. The class really prepares you for the test. If it wasn't for this class I would have not passed the test. Such a great investment! I passed the test with an 85% and couldn't be happier and grateful for all the guidance and help that this class gave me!"…Read More

    --Monika Czaja
  3. Five Stars for Illinois Public Adjuster School

    "Excellent schooling! I passed my exam. It would have been extremely hard without the help."…Read More

    --Brock Boss