Sample Test

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Sample Test

All questions on these examinations are multiple choice with one correct answer; choose the BEST answer to each question. For this sample test only, references are provided in the answer key to help you prepare for these tests. All questions on each examination are supported by the above references. These are provided for information purposes only to illustrate the types of questions that will appear on each test. Questions like these will be on the tests, but none of these questions will be repeated on these tests.

1. Which organization sets safety standards for exposure of roofing employees to asbestos?





2. Which of these is recommended when the third pin on the plug of a power tool is missing?

A. Have the tool removed and repaired before it is used again.

B. Insert a temporary pin into the plug as a safety measure.

C. Use the tool only when it is plugged into a GFCI receptacle.

D. Use the tool only when it is plugged into a double-insulated cord.

3. What does NRCA recommend as the minimum clearance between a mechanical unit and walls drains, perimeters other penetrations in a roofing system?

A. 6 inches

B. 12 inches

C. 24 inches

D. 36 inches

4. Where should electrical conduit or other piping be installed?

A. Attached directly on top of the roof deck

B. Attached directly below the roof deck

C. Embedded within the roofing system

D. Suspended well below the roof deck

5. Which of these is most commonly used for underlayment in asphalt roofs?

A. Synthetic fiber felts

B. Saturant-grade asphalt

C. Coating-grade asphalt

D. Wood and other cellulose fiber felts

6. Which of these is LEAST likely to require tear-off and replacement of an existing steep roof?

A. Leaking around or near a chimney

B. Frequent repairs of the existing roof

C. Damage occurring to structural components

D. Leaking resulting in damage to building contents

7. Which of the following is NOT among the characteristics of cellular glass roof insulation?

A. Durability

B. Flexibility

C. Fire resistance

D. Stable R-value

8. Which of these is best to use when estimating the coverage of two plies of felt roofing underlayment on a steep-slope roof?

A. 25 square feet per factory square

B. 33 square feet per factory square

C. 50 square feet per factory square

D. 100 square feet per factory square


Question Correct Answer Supporting Reference

1 B NRCA Safety Manual, page 1.1 2 A NRCA Safety Manual, page 5.1 3 C NRCA Manual (2011), pages 134-135 4 D NRCA Manual (2011), page 15; (2012), p 22 5 D NRCA Manual (2009), pages 23-24 6 A NRCA Manual (2010), page 211 7 B NRCA Manual (2011), page 47 8 C Atcheson, page 51


Personal History Information


Have you been convicted of any criminal offense in any state or in federal court (other than minor traffic violations)? If yes, attach a certified copy of the court records regarding your conviction, the nature of the offense and date of discharge, if applicable, as well as a statement from the probation or parole office. Yes



Have you been convicted of a felony? Yes



If yes, have you been issued a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities by the Prisoner Review Board? If yes, attach a copy of the certificate. Yes



Have you had or do you now have any disease or condition that interferes with your ability to perform the essential functions of your profession, including any disease or condition generally regarded as chronic by the medical community, i.e., (1) mental or emotional disease or condition; (2) alcohol or other substance abuse; (3) physical disease or condition, that presently interferes with your ability to practice your profession? If yes, attach a detailed statement, including an explanation whether or not you are currently under treatment. Yes



Have you been denied a professional license or permit, or privilege of taking an examination, or had a professional license or permit disciplined in any way by any licensing authority in Illinois or elsewhere? If yes, attach a detailed explanation. Yes



Have you ever been discharged other than honorably from the armed service or from a city, county, state or federal position? If yes, attach a detailed explanation. Yes


Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

Depending on the profession, receipt of examination results can range from 4 to 8 weeks

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