1- Do you have a written fiscal budget? Yes  No
2- Do you have a company brochure indicating your technical capabilities? Yes  No
3- Do you calculate your markup based on projected sales and desired profit? Yes  No
4- Do you prepare in-house detailed estimates for preparing cost estimates? Yes  No
5- Do you provide field supervisors with detailed budgets, production rates and schedules for completing in accordance with the estimate? Yes No
6- Do you track monthly actual field costs against the cost estimate for the work? Yes  No
7- Do you use a Purchase Order system to track all field expenditures relating to the work on a per job basis? Yes  No
8- Do you prepare a schedule of the work at the time of estimate? Yes  No
9- Do you prepare and use weekly, bimonthly, or monthly labor reports comparing your original labor cost estimate to actual field costs? Yes  No
10- Do you have a written job costs system that tracks all costs by job, item, and tasks? Yes  No
11- Do you project your cash flow needs on a job-by-job or monthly basis? Yes  No
12 -Do you have monthly job status meetings with your project managers, controllers, or key people? Yes  No
13- Do you have a written change order management system in place, and have you trained your people to work the system? Yes  No
14- Do you have a written invoice/partial payment request system in place that is triggered by contract dates/requirements that tracks and produces written status reports to all required managers? Yes  No
15- Do you print an “Aging of Accounts Receivables Report” that is reviewed by supporting managers? Yes  No
16- Do you prepare monthly Profit & Loss Statements showing your performance on a year to date basis? Yes  No
17- Do you prepare monthly Actual VS Budget performance reports? Yes  No
18- Do you calculate your Capital Requirement needs per your projected fiscal budget? Yes  No
19- Do you formally train your field managers to the project contract, specifications, estimate, budget, schedule, performance requirements, job costing, payment dates/targets before they start the work? Yes  No
20- Do you have a Standard Operating Procedure in place for documentation, written project communication procedures and have you formally trained your people on the SOP? Yes  No
21- Do you know your break-even volume? Yes  No
22- Do you calculate your backlog needs using project turnover rates? Yes  No
23- Does your financial statement mean anything to you? Yes  No
24- Do you have an employee manual with written job descriptions that define goals, task, responsibilities, and organizational structure of support, and reporting? Yes  No
25- Do you have an objective wage, salary and/or incentive wage program for your organization? Yes  No
26- Do you track your Average Collection Cycle and input it into your Capital Requirements calculation? Yes No
27- Do you have adequate credit from your bank that would support your Capital Requirement needs? Yes  No
28- Do you have a written marketing plan? Yes  No
29- Do you track your marketing efforts? Yes  No
30- Do you understand your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Yes  No
31- Do you track your Capture Rate? Yes  No
32- Do you base your volume projections on qualified projections, capture rate, available estimating, selling and project management needs? Yes  No
33- Are you sure that your organization could function without your day-to-day presence? Yes  No
34- Do you track the project characteristics of the work you’ve completed to date? Yes  No
35- Are you getting the maximum return on your investment with your organization in profit, lifestyle and future investment? Yes  No

Number of YES answers  ________  (P.S.  If you didn’t answer YES to 90% of these questions, you NEED this course!)