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Illinois Roofing School – The Benefits of Roofing School in Chicago

Did you know that in Illinois you are required to have a license to perform professional roofing?

Under the state of Illinois Roofing industry licensing act, all contractors who perform roof construction must obtain a license from the Department of Professional Regulation before offering roofing work. Yes, taking a test or exam can be scary, stressful, or give us anxiety but the benefits of getting your roofing license outweigh all the fears of taking an exam.

Our roofing classes are specially designed by experts in the industry whom are longtime professionals.

The class is full of daily quizzes and exams that closely resemble the real exam, and provides all the benefits of a student-teacher classroom that will assist you in comprehension of the material that will help excel your learning. Over 90% of your students pass the exam on their first try! So why should you bother?


Many contractors and roofers rely on their business history, word of mouth, and experience to build trust with a new client or customer. Having a certified license however is an even greater foundation to build this trust upon. It is one thing to stake your reputation to build a customer base but if there is a chance that customers can learn you don’t have a license, then your creditability will virtually be nonexistent.


Another benefit of gaining your roofing license in the state of Illinois is what all business owners strive to and that is profit. Once you are certified in Illinois with a Roofing license, the doors to higher paying jobs and contracts will become available to and more customers will be willing to spend more money on a project when they know that their contractor is certified and licensed.



Need help passing the exam to receive your Illinois roofing license quickly and affordably? The deadline to sign up for the next test at our roofing school is October 4th. Our next class will be held November 1st - 4th at Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago. Call today to reserve your spot!



Illinois contractors can take control of repairs, negotiate directly with the insurance company, be paid on time, and add more money to their bottom line by becoming a licensed public adjuster with the help of Contractors Network and Training Center in Chicago. Our next class is October 18th - 20th.



Looking for a simple way to pass the Chicago masonry and concrete exam? We provide you just that with our preparation courses at Contractors Network and Training Center. The deadline to sign up for the next test is September 3rd. The next class will be held September 27th - 28th. Call today as spaces are limited!

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