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The Chicago Roofing School — Since 2012

Did you know that in Illinois you are required to have a license to perform professional roofing?

Under the state of Illinois Roofing industry licensing act, all contractors who perform roof construction must obtain a license from the Department of Professional Regulation before offering roofing work. Yes, taking a test or exam can be scary and stressful, but the benefits of getting your roofing license outweigh all the fears of taking the exam.


Many contractors and roofers rely on their business history, word of mouth, and experience to build trust with new clients or customers. However, having a certified license is an even greater foundation to build this trust upon.


Once you are certified in Illinois with a Roofing license, the doors to higher paying jobs opens wide. In slow times, you can even work as a subcontractor for other contractors who will require an Illinois license prior to a partnership.

Our roofing classes are specially designed by experts in the industry whom are longtime professionals.

The class is full of daily quizzes and exams that closely resemble a real exam. We also provide a real classroom with a long time contractor who will assist you to quickly comprehend the material. Give us a call at 773.635.0099 to learn more!