Roofers Training Courses in Springfield

Roofers Training Courses in Springfield, Illinois will help you pass the Illinois Roofing Test. Our courses are designed to help you pass The Roofing exams - whether you have roofing experience or not!

If you are interested in becoming a roofing contractor in Illinois, you will need to follow the guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation in order to become certified contractor.

Roofers Training Courses - Springfield, IL

The instructors at the Springfield Roofing School have created their course based on information from the National Association of Roofing Contractors as well as other experienced professionals and publications. It has been specifically designed to help you pass the Illinois roofing license exams for residential roofing and commercial and industrial roofing.

There is more than one roofing exam available. To learn about each exam and the information required to pass them, a roofing class is recommended. Our Training Center in Springfield can help you train for the roofing exam and give you the information needed to pass your test and become certified. Initially the Illinois Roofing School had only one instructional center, located in Chicago. Now there is a new location in Springfield, to make it easier for Springfield residents to take part in these classes.

At the Roofing School in Springfield you will be able to test for three separate certifications.

There is the Roofing Residential Limited License, the Roofing Residential/Roofing Commercial/Roofing Industrial Unlimited License and the Roofing Commercial/Industrial License. Before testing for the full Commercial/Industrial license, the Residential Roofing License exam must be passed.

Many experienced roofers have found this class to be useful for passing what is acknowledged by many to be a strenuous testing experience from the state of Illinois. It is a practical way to understand the terminology discussed in the certification exams.

Contact our Roofing Training School for more information about the process and class starting times and dates.