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Illinois Roofing Exam

Pass The Roofing Test, Get The Illinois Roofing License.

In Illinois you are required to pass a roofing test in order to get a residential roofing license. If your goal is to work doing more involved roofing projects such as commercial or structural roofing there is a more extensive roofing exam that you are required to pass. This requirement makes many would-be roofers cringe with dicouragement. But all they need to know is that there is help available from the instructors who teach at the roofing school.

The Chicago Roofing School

Our School offers classes that will take the student through all of the information that they will need to know for the Illinois Roofing Exam. They will not just feed the information to you in hopes that you will be able to remember it for the test. They will teach you using hands on methods. They will help you understand the whats, how, and whys of different roofing applications.

The classes for the roofing test are anything but boring. Our Roofing School has hired the finest professionals in the field to help you learn. They are interesting and engaging. They are there to see that you know and understand the material so that you can pass the test, obtain your roofing license, and get on with life.

Illinois Roofing Exam

In all of the years of their teaching they have learned that while there are many different versions of the test there is a similarity to all of them. The tests all have 80 multiple choice questions. There are some about terms that are common in the roofing industry that you must know and memorize because they will be on the test. Many questions however, require the student to sort through the information using their own knowledge about basic roofing theory. The biggest problem comes in because a lot of the questions are worded "trickily" and may be difficult to comprehend. The quality instructors know all of these pitfalls and can help prepare the student for these areas.

So whether you are considering a residential roofing license or a commercial license give yourself a break and enroll in the quality roofing classes offered by Chicago Roofing School. It will be the best time and money spent while trying to pass the examinations that are required to keep in compliance with Illinois law.