Get Illinois Roofing License

Did you know that the state of Illinois, like most other states, requires that you have a license before you can offer roofing services in the state?

Many times it is hard to take the time off work for these classes and testing.

If you need to get your license and don't want to spend a lot of time trying to guess what is going to be on your tests, then our Chicago Roofing School may be the perfect answer for you. We have been offering this prep course since 2012, and we have learned what material to teach you, helping to make this experience as painless as possible.

The Roofing Exam Preparation Course.

This course is available to anyone planning take any of the three roofing exams. If you are just interested in residential roofing, we have a shorter 3 1/2 day course for you. If you are interested in doing residential, industrial as as well as commercial, then you will want to take our 5 day course and get your unlimited license. Give us a call today at 773.635.0099 to learn more!